Five reasons why improv can benefit everyone

Five reasons why improv can benefit everyone

Improv classes are, without doubt, a lot of fun. You will laugh, make friends and find yourself doing things you never thought you would. But there are a lot of practical benefits at work. Here are just a few:

1. Creativity is for everyone

Creativity is not just for artists and ad executives. It can be applied to any problem with more than one solution, whether it be the creation of a new product or process, managing a team or handling a difficult meeting. Creativity means taking nothing for granted, remaining open to the process and listening deeply to the people we are working with. All of these are key skills of improv and can be practised in a safe and supportive environment. 

2. Being present means being productive

In a chronically distracted world, staying focused and on task is an essential skill, whether that task be childcare, medicine or designing an app. Improv helps you to build the skill of relaxed focus, keeping your mind doing what you want it so that more of your valuable attention is spent doing what you want to do. 

3. Charisma gets things done

Some people just light up the room, drawing our eyes to them and radiating confidence in themselves and others. Whether it is making people listen to each you, help you, or just work that little bit harder, charisma gets things done. And charisma can be taught through improv, both through changing our attitudes to ourselves, and in learning to ‘hack’ our bodies to be more confident. 

4. Communication is everything

To work in the modern economy is to work with people, with all their foibles, talents, preferences and individuality. No matter how wonderful your idea, you will have to implement, grow it and express it through other people. Improv helps you to learn communication skills and empathy, making you become more flexible and intuitive, knowing what you can expect and what others expect from you. 

5. Mistakes are how you learn.

From a very young age, we stop doing new things. We stop doing subjects we find difficult, sports we cannot play and eventually we stop talking to people we disagree with. We become reluctant to be bad at things, stop doing what challenges us and concentrate solely on what we are already good at. Improv helps us to reverse this, reversing our fear of failure in order that we can continue to learn and grow. 

Improv helps you build your soft skills quickly and easily while having a lot of fun at the same time.

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Jules Munns

Jules is the one of the founders of the Nursery Theatre. Jules is also the director of Impromptu Shakespeare and a member of the Maydays, as well as one half of Ten Thousand Million Love Stories.

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