Five reasons every team should take an improv class together

Five reasons every team should take an improv class together

Improv classes are, without doubt, a lot of fun. You will laugh, make friends and find yourself doing things you never thought you would. But there are a lot of practical benefits at work. Here are just a few:

Improv is not just a great day out for your team, but also a way of ensuring that the members remain happy and productive together. Teams that play together, stay together.

Here are just some of the reasons why booking an improv class for your team will make it stronger and more flexible.

1. The people that you work with are people

Day after day and week after week, it is easy for us to end up treating our colleagues as functions rather than people, communication reducing to the bare minimum. Improv helps a team to keep treating a person as a fully rounded and complex human being, caring for each other’s needs and nurturing each other’s professional growth. 

2. Every person and every idea is valuable

Compared to many animals, humans are not especially fast or strong. Humans thrive by their powers of cooperation and communication. For many people, their company or team is one of their key community identities, so ensuring that every voice in the room is heard, every idea cherished and every person valued is an essential way to ensuring that your team is as effective as it can be. 

3. Fun is Productive

From an early age, we are taught that productivity and fun are opposites. That in order to get something done, we must stop messing around and be serious. And that you can only go outside when you have done your homework. Neuroscience shows that this simply isn’t true. From programmers to nurses, students to teachers, everyone can benefit from the energy and dynamism that a playful mindset brings. It opens the decision space, lubricates engagement and communication and brings the best out of your team. 

4. Teams are always changing and growing

As we learn and progress as individuals, our relationships to those around us learn and progress as well. We need different things from them and have different things to offer. But it is all too easy to establish and fall back on old patterns of engagement. Improv helps teams to stay engaged as they are today, making sure nothing is wasted as team members grow. 

5. A shared challenge creates a bond

Shared experiences are what makes a team into a team, and an improv class can be the perfect way to push your team in order to bring them together. Improv nurtures the got-your-back attitude and mutual support that helps a team continue to function in a smooth and relaxed way when the pressure is on. 

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