Upcoming Auditions at The Nursery

Get yourself onstage at the Nursery! All Nursery-produced shows (including Nursery Originals) have open auditions. And this is where we list them.

See if you’d like to be in any of the shows listed here, check back soon for auditions for future Nursery shows, and follow us on Twitter for regular updates!

Improvised Play

A weeklong intensive rehearsal process and four shows exploring improvised one and two-act plays, inspired by the work of Pgraph and the Hideout theatre. We’ll work to develop a common language of theatricality within an ensemble by reading/watching a handful of plays and improvising in the styles of the playwrights, keeping elements that bring us joy and discarding those that don’t. With a focus on grounded scenework and holding a narrative structure lightly, we’ll develop an ensemble performance that’s engaging and dynamic.

Auditions will be held on the 15th and 17th of December.

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Nursery Spring Ensembles

The Nursery Ensembles are groups rehearsing in the Nursery ethos of player empowerment, emotional connection and freeform silliness. We are looking to expand the Nursery family to include a load of new players. Both ensembles will be directed by Artistic Director Jules Munns.

There are opportunities for those of all abilities. The mainstage ensemble is open to all those with a few years of improv experience, looking to expand and bed in their skills. The student ensemble is a pathway towards the mainstage ensemble and a grounding in the techniques and skills necessary to play in Nursery Original shows.

Auditions for both ensembles will be held on the 16th December  1pm-5pm 

More details and applications