Spring 18 Applications

As part of our Spring programme, the Nursery is delighted to again be offering a wide selection of performance slots to improv groups new and old, from all different schools, backgrounds and styles. We are very aware of the complexity and sensitivity of programming a whole season, this is the Programming Statement from our opening season which we hope explains the process we are going through as we put together the programme. It is important to us that we balance high quality work with experimentation, remaining open to new teams and players, while also creating a strong programme which has a distinct style and ethos.

At the moment, we programme Friday and Saturday shows of either 25 or 45 minutes at the Nursery Theatre, Broadgate, and Thursday Night Lights slots of 15 minutes for newer teams and experimental work. In October 2017, we launched a Sunday evening show called the Carousel; more about that below. To apply, you will need to tell us about your team, your show and where we can find you online. You will need to provide two photos, one square and one 10:4 ratio, and you will have the option to send us a video of your work.

You can apply for any or all of the three options and we are keen to support shows from Thursday to Sunday into our weekend programming.

If you know what you are looking for, just hit the button below. If you would like more information, read on!

Apply Here!

Programming and accessibility statement

Deadline for Friday and Saturday shows: 25th November

Deadline for the Carousel and Thursday Night Lights: 9th December

Improv at the Nursery Theatre, Broadgate
Right in the heart of the city, the Nursery Theatre, Broadgate is a hub for improv performance and a lab for trying things out. Our Friday and Saturday night shows are balanced between resident companies, visiting teams, one off nights and international guests.

Thursday Night Lights
#tnl is a hybrid improv jam/show like no other. It’s part jam, part workshop and part show. Each week we welcome three acts, some of whom are newer to improv or trying something new, and anyone can play in our three specially curated jam sessions to help bring out the best of everyone. Each jam section has its own distinct feel, including our patented ‘concept jam’ where you get to flex improv muscles you didn’t even know you had.

The Carousel
The best way to learn is by practise! The Carousel is a new Sunday evening show that allows you to do just that. Launched in autumn 2017, groups will be given twenty minute slots on four consecutive weeks, allowing them to develop and grow their show. Each week a group will end their run and a new group will begin performing, meaning each show is different and groups will get to know each other and support each other’s work.

Programming Timeline
The Nursery always publishes clear timelines for programming. This application process, along with our resident shows and teams will give us the backbone of our programming for each season, though we will leave some free slots to allow us to add things last minute.


Opening of applications for show slots, Thursday Night Lights and the Carousel during the Winter Season

Offers of Spring Friday/Saturday shows
Allocation of Nursery Originals Slots

Offers of Spring Thursday Night Lights/Carousel shows

Start of new season