You can find all of our Coronavirus communications here, starting with out most recent position.

24th March 2020

Dear friends,

First of all: much love from all of us at The Nursery.

Are you OK? Are you coping? Don’t be afraid to ask for help or support in any way, be that through a chat or maybe asking someone to do a run to the shops if you can’t go out yourself. We hope you’re connecting with friends and family if you can by online means, or that you’re undertaking something you always wanted to but never had the time for, or that you’re simply breathing and taking your time to find calm. These are strange and unprecedented times for most of us and many of us worry about loved ones, livelihoods, and the state of the world in general. Let’s continue to support each other and the people around us as much as we can.

Following the latest government advice on a general lockdown we will not be running any physical drop ins for at least another three weeks (mid April at the earliest). But this doesn’t mean we’re no longer doing improv! As you might know, we started online Nursery/Maydays drop ins recently. It is such a joy and pleasure to see so many of you there – thank you for your incredible support. We will be adding more drop ins in the days to come, so join us for a laugh, perhaps a cry, and certainly a lot of friendly faces. And although we have tried to price them reasonably, if you are struggling at the moment, do let us know via and we will try our utmost to help. Because improv is for everyone, everywhere.

It’s not only a way of laughing your head off so hard you think you might explode, it is also a means to support and uplift each other, and to come together. We’re glad to be able to continue to do so now, but for us too, these are uncertain times. We have many wonderful people who work very hard to keep our charity going, and a bunch of amazing teachers who bring you the joy of improv who we want to support in every way we can. If you feel the same and are in a position to do so, please consider supporting The Nursery through our Patreon membership. So we can continue to make and teach this awesome art form together.

Thank you, take care and stay safe (at home)

Jules and Judith


16th March 2020

Dear friends,

First of all, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy and our hearts go out to those that are affected in some way by Covid-19.

Due to the constantly shifting situation and uncertainties surrounding the disease, combined with the latest government advice, The Nursery has made the difficult decision to suspend most of our operations until at least the end of April with immediate effect. Like everyone, we will be closely monitoring the news and follow the advice from healthcare professionals and the government – hopefully, there will be more clarity in a fortnight on which to base further decisions. If you have booked a course, class or ticket for future events, please do get in touch for a refund at Alternatively, you can use it as a credit note for an equivalent event in the future.

Because we feel that it is important for people to stay in touch, come together and have a laugh in these times of uncertainty, social distancing and self-isolation, we will start online drop-ins very soon. In the coming days, our AD Jules will explain how it works and what it will look like – stay tuned!

In the meantime, take good care of yourselves and those around you.

With much love,

Team Nursery


13th March 2020

Hello there!

This is probably not the first, nor the last message you will receive about Covid-19, or coronavirus. The welfare and health of everyone attending and running Nursery events, classes and courses is obviously of utmost importance to us.

Please see below some precautions we can all take so we can continue to enjoy improv whilst taking care of ourselves and others.


As you are probably aware, Covid-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways, with symptoms that include a cough, high fever and shortness of breath.
As this is a new disease, many things are still unclear. The current risk in the UK is moderate.
For more detailed information on the virus, please visit the government action plan.

Our position

For the moment, all of our courses, drop ins, jams and shows will continue as normal – so be welcome! We would like to ask you to follow these practical, common sense guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Wash your hands often with water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Please do this at the start and end of any class or jam
  • Use hand sanitiser if water and soap are not available
  • Although physical contact during scenes is obviously unavoidable at times, we would advise to keep it to a minimum
  • Stay at home when you’re feeling unwell, even if symptoms are mild

Other, general guidelines that you can also find on this NHS Covid-19 page:

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue or sleeve when you cough or sneeze and put the tissue in the bin immediately and wash your hands
  • Try to avoid contact with people who are unwell
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean


If you have travelled recently (in the last 14 days) to the UK from places with a higher risk of Covid-19, please follow this NHS advice (it includes a list of countries).

It’s a whole lot of stuff to take in, so thank you for reading and thanks for your understanding.
Going forward, we will base operational decisions on government advice and/or measures by venues we work with and will keep you informed.

In the meantime, we wish you all the best and we hope to see you at one of our events!

Thanks, as ever, Team Nursery