Our Mission

What we do

The Nursery works to promote improvisation as an art form, and a way of thinking and living.

We do this through these main programmes:

  • Create opportunities for people to participate, through workshops and jams.
  • Develop and produce shows to support performers and raise the profile of improv, such as The Nursery Originals and Edinburgh Fringe.
  • Provide training to businesses, to help people to listen and communicate more clearly within their teams.
  • Provide affordable rehearsal space for artists and performers.
  • Host free social events in our space to create more of a community.
  • Welcome performers from other schools and styles, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Offer 6-week beginner courses including free taster workshop Puddle Jumping.
  • Offer specialist improv classes for more experienced performers.
  • Produce and broadcast shows on our YouTube channel.
  • Publish a Blog exploring the theory and practice of improv.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment.