So what is improvisation? – by Jules Munns

Jules Munns, Artistic Director

Jules Munns, Artistic Director

Improvisation is shared creation. Improvisers make it up on the spot, often working from a suggestion from the audience. We build ideas step by step, using the core principle of “Yes, and” or, as it is sometimes called, “Accept and build” . Improvisers are encouraged to closely listen and add to what their partner is offering and discover what is really happening in an interaction. This creates complex and beautiful ideas and scenes simply by the accumulation of a sequence of smaller steps.


“Great atmosphere – a balanced group, all getting the best out of each other. All the challenges were meaningful and fun.”

Do I have to be an actor or comedian?

Not at all! We believe everybody is inherently creative and that anybody can enjoy and benefit from improvisation. Many of our students play just because it’s fun, with no intention of ever going onstage.

Do I have to be funny?

Absolutely not. A lot of improv is funny, yes, but it doesn’t require individual performers to be razor sharp wits. Instead it uses the magic of agreement. No one needs to be funny or clever or wonderful by themselves, rather we make everyone look brilliant by fearlessly supporting each other and each other’s ideas.

Isn’t it scary?

A lot of people find the idea of standing in front of an audience really intimidating, but we are on a mission to show that it’s nowhere near as bad as you think. In fact, it’s pretty fun!

You may well get an adrenaline buzz from it, but teacher and your classmates are the safety net and will not allow you to fall.

What happens when it all goes wrong?

At the Nursery we don’t believe in mistakes. Because in an improv class you are never alone. The collaborative nature of the art means that you rely on your partner and your partner relies on you, you will have fun together.

What might happen in an improv class?

Exercises, games and performance forms that allow us to create collectively. First you will warm up to get your body and mind relaxed and the ideas flowing. Then, working in pairs or larger groups, you will make up stories and scenes. It might look a little bit like a theatrical scene, or storytelling, or some games or just a group of people standing in a circle!

What should I wear?

Whatever you are most comfortable in. Our rooms can get a little hot in summer, so something light is often a good idea.

“The most satisfying, fun course I have ever been on!”

Sound fun? Check out our classes!

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