Upcoming Auditions at The Nursery

Get yourself onstage at the Nursery! All Nursery-produced shows (including Nursery Originals) have open auditions. And this is where we list them.


The Verbs

A musical team representing the Nursery’s style.

Audition: 14th September

The Verbs are the house team of the Nursery Theatre. Our style is organic and theatrical, with a focus on relationship-based scenes. Our current format is an organic Harold, but we tend to treat formats lightly and follow our own fun. We’ve recently transitioned from non-musical to musical, and are looking for a few new members who enjoy bursting into song.

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A Nursery Original, directed by Juwel Haque

Audition: Saturday 23rd September

United is an improvisation show played with the energy of a sports match and the spirit of a sports team. No polite applause here; the United squad are going to ignite the crowd. We’ll cheer for scenes like they’re goals, roar for the actors like they’re athletes, and turn the theatre into a stadium.

Applications for auditions are opening soon!

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A Deconstruction group

Audition: Friday 13th October, afternoon

We start with a longer relationship-based scene and spend the rest of the show pulling it apart, returning to it and pulling it apart again. We will examine its themes, explore its world and follow the shiny thing. All within the framework of a single scene.

We love the Deconstruction for its variety of approaches; slow-burn relationship-based scenes sat right next to slices of premise-pull delight, and how it combines these elements into a whole piece. Join the team and directors Jules Munns and Juwel Haque, if you want to flex different improv muscles at once and create a show that’s free, fluid and fully formed.

Applications for auditions are opening soon!

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