Opening May/June 2017: the Nursery Theatre!

We finally did it, folks. We’re opening a performance space! Above is an artist’s impression of the brand new Nursery Theatre, which we are opening as part of the new Theatre Delicatessen building in Liverpool Street. That’s right, folks, it’s show time.

Starting May/June 2017, we will be presenting improvised theatre, comedy and other things lovely, exciting and new. We’ll be relaunching the Nursery Originals series and presenting regular and one-off shows featuring local and international improvisers. Our super-friendly jam Thursday Night Lights will be moving up there (of course!), and the bar will be stocked with lovely beers, ciders, wines and soft drinks. And board games.

I know what you’re thinking. Can I get involved? And yes, we will be looking for volunteers to help us paint, decorate and generally get the place shipshape, then we will be recruiting for bar staff to help us with the nights. Drop us a mail on if you want to come swing a paintbrush and watch this space for bar opportunities.

But here’s the one most people are after: performance opportunities! We’re opening at a funny time of year, with Easter already gone and Edinburgh just around the corner. So we are full steam ahead for applications. Heather is one of our new Artistic Directors and here’s what she says about what we have to come…


by Heather Urquhart

So what happens next?

(Or ‘Programming the Nursery Theatre’)

It’s an exciting and daunting responsibility programming a new improv theatre and Chris, Jules and I want to get it right. To us that means a clear application process and transparency about how the final decisions are being made. We’re working on it, but getting it right might take a little while. However, while we do, we thought you should know that these are some of the things we are thinking about.
We’d like a programme with a mixture of the following:

  • Brand new improvisers, experienced groups and all those groups betweem
  • A diverse range of performers (from different backgrounds) and audience members
  • One off specials and resident nights
  • Nursery-created and -supported shows, as well as visiting companies
  • Different improv styles e.g theatrical, comedy, shortform, longform, genre based
  • Performance opportunities for our volunteers, students and supporters
  • Companies that we’ve supported from a short slot at a jam night through to a headline prime time show
  • Shows from the London Improv community and beyond

We’d like to hit the sweet spot of feeling welcoming and inclusive for all improvisers and presenting the best improv happening in the universe right now. We might even have shows that aren’t improvised (shhh).


We will also be completely upfront and open about what you can expect and what is expected of you as an artist working with The Nursery. Things like:

  • Marketing
  • Timelines
  • Finances
  • Supporting the process without getting exploited

Our full programming policy will be announced in June at the same time as the applications for the Autumn season open but we’d also like to hear your thoughts on anything else we should be thinking about. Please tell us right here…

Tell us what you’re thinking

And if you want to apply for the summer season, click here…


Nursery Application Timeline

As part of our transparency, the Nursery will be publishing clear timelines for each season at the theatre. This application process, along with our resident shows and teams will give us the backbone of our programming for each season, though we will leave some free slots to allow us to add things last minute.

Here is what we have planned.

From now until the theatre opens

  • Building and licensing the theatre space at 2 Finsbury Square
  • Drafting final programming policy
  • Programming the summer season


  • Start of the summer season/Edinburgh previews
  • Publication of full programming policy
  • Opening of applications for show slots during the Autumn Season
  • Opening of applications for Nursery Originals in the Autumn Season


  • Decisions and offers for show slots and Nursery Originals in the Autumn Season


  • Announcement of Autumn Season and
  • Review of Programming Policy


  • Start of Autumn Season


  • Publication of revised programming policy
  • Opening of applications for show slots during the Autumn Season
  • Opening of applications for Nursery Originals in the Autumn Season


  • Start of new season