The Verbs

verbsVerbs are doing words, and it is in what we do that we discover who we are.
The Verbs are the first Nursery house team, founded to demonstrate and experiment with the Nursery’s theatrical and grounded style of improvisation. An improvisational power-team that uses its wide range of training and experience to create assured, playful shows.
Team members have trained with iO, UCB, Monkey toast and play with other teams from Improbable to the Rebranding. Epitomising the Nursery style of inclusivity and diversity, the Verbs’ playing style is emotional and real, but with a sparkle in the eye. With a year’s worth of playing together, their friendships, rivalries and shared pasts play out onstage in a charming and funny examination of what it is to be a human.
Don’t just be, do.

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