Cooperating with others, when you’ve all got a valid viewpoint can be tricky. People pull in different directions and team members struggle to understand what their fellow teammates need. Time and energy can be lost in conflict this way, which is a shame.

This is why we devised The Nursery Teamwork course. It teaches to work together, while keeping your individuality and skills. Just the ticket for a happy and harmonious working group.

Course outcomes

Understanding the team – what does everyone want from the process individually? We’ll look at everyone’s diverse skills, ways of thinking and unique approaches to working and bring them all together to create a smooth functioning, happy and efficient team.

Preventing and resolving conflict – Probably the biggest underlying issue in teams. We’ll take a look at why misunderstandings happen, and how we can work together to respect everyone’s needs to avoid and resolve conflict.

Saying goodbye to social anxiety and fear – For some people, speaking and interacting in groups can be so intimidating. We understand – we’ve been there! For that reason, we will work on rebranding fear and even using some of its energy to power creativity.

Making ideas together – There’s nothing better than creating ideas with other people. But often we end up feeling like we’re in a competition. Based on the core improvisation principle ‘yes, and’, we will practice creating ideas in cooperation with each other in a joyful, productive and efficient way, concentrating on the team and the task.

This session can be offered to a new or an existing team. And it’s also good to know that the skills you learn will make a difference even if the rest of your team hasn’t taken the course. You might find the skills you’ve learned make you the glue that sticks your team together!

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