Nursery Originals – Let’s make a show!

Every season we present a number of exciting new productions, with the aim of widening the scope of improvised theatre, developed by improvisers from across the community with support from The Nursery. These are our Nursery Originals shows.

If you have an idea for a show like this and you’d like our support, we’d love to hear from you.

Applications for Nursery Originals Summer 2018

Applications will soon be open to direct Summer 2018 Nursery Originals. When they do, the rehearsal and show dates will appear below and so will the button you can click when you are ready to apply.

It’s best to write your application in a word document and cut and paste each section it into the form. This guards against power cuts and the internet being unreliable. It also means you have a copy of what you sent us.

For your reference – here’s what we’re going to ask you

  • Your name
  • Your email address and phone number
  • Your personal improv performance experience and training
  • Which show slots are you applying for? (check the dates carefully before applying)
  • The show name
  • What makes you want to do this project? (Tell us what’s making you excited. Why this show? What makes this idea special?)
  • How would you pitch the show to an audience? (100-150 words. How would you pitch this show to the outside world?)
  • Casting breakdown: what sort of improvisers are you looking for? And how many?

When applications open for the new season, here will appear a table showing performance and rehearsal dates for the show slots we have available, and the button you can click to enter the application form.


Have a look here to see the Nursery Originals shows we’ve had so far. We hope you find them inspiring!