Nursery Originals

Nursery Originals will be back very soon, but have a look below at what we did at the Edric Theatre during our seasons 2015-16. 

C3467X (now the Rebranding) at the Old Nursery Theatre.

C3467X (now the Rebranding) at the former Nursery Theatre.

Improv has exploded in the UK. Not in a messy way, in a fun way that means that it’s everywhere and people love it. In fact, wherever you look nowadays (as long as it’s above a pub) you’ll see beautiful people making beautiful stuff up – short form, long form, Harolds, Improvathons, cage matches, narrative, Armandos, free form, twoprov – it’s amazing and inspiring and wonderful.

And here at the Nursery Theatre we want to push boundaries and boy, have we got ourselves an idea.

Let’s start dreaming bigger. Let’s put on shows with a budget; shows with a director and a proper amount of time to rehearse their ideas. Let’s use costumes and sets and a tech crew. Let’s really explore the potential of this art form of ours, create new types of theatre, work with people we’ve admired but never found the time to collaborate with.

Improvised Disney Musical at the Hideout Theatre.

Improvised Disney Musical at the Hideout Theatre.

In Austin, Texas, The Hideout Theatre produces whole seasons of improv shows like this. We’ve been inspired by their example to do likewise – we are offering improvisers the chance to direct their own formats. Each show will have a rehearsal period and then a series of shows at the Nursery Theatre. We provide a (modest) budget, artistic and technical guidance and help with marketing and promotion.

Previous Nursery Originals shows:

Flashbulb-show-imagePhotos are everywhere. On your Facebook, on Instagram, Twitter. Every day we kayak through an river of images. We’re all responsible for the flood: everyone has a camera now. The button is pressed. The flash ignites. The light blinds. A moment is captured.

But what’s the truth behind the picture? What happened before the flash-bulb lit? What happened afterwards? Who is this person, really, Away from the pose? Where are they from, and where are they going? If a picture paints a thousand words, then a photo poses a thousand questions. In this show we answer them.

This Nursery Originals production uses found and vintage photographs as its inspiration to create improv that is funny, character-led and playful.


emotion-play-web-square-finalLook at the city and let the years fall away. Watch as skyscrapers retract back into the ground; as grass bristles along the pavements and the air grows still and clear. Brick becomes stone becomes wood becomes clay. You live here. This patch of earth. This world in potentia. And all of history churns beneath your feet. A series of entirely improvised and entirely interconnected stories that play out on a canvas that spans 200 millennia and 12 foot square. Dozens of lives, loves, comedies and tragedies unfolding throughout time with a single thing in common. They all happened here. [Emotion] play is part of the Nursery Originals series. Directed by Chris Mead.

open roads smallAn improvised road trip movie driven by your song suggestions.

Open roads – paths to chase your future or escape your past. Four people on a road trip. Hopes and struggles lie along their path, music blares from the radio and destiny lies just across the horizon. It might be funny but it could be sad, angry or just plain beautiful.

Inspired by movies like Everything Is Illuminated, Y Tu Mama Tambien and Little Miss Sunshine. Based on the game Ribbon Drive by Avery Mcdaldno.

Give us your music, let’s make a mixtape and head for open roads. Directors: Michael Such & Luke Beahan.


So! Improvised Mythbook

Welcome, stranger. Sit down around the fire with us, let us open our sacred book and tell you stories. Do you know of the origin of the gods and how men became men? Do you know why the world turns as it does and when it will stop turning? Let us tell you. Yes, we are masters of our destiny, but we are also blown by the wind. Let us tell you tales of heroes and villains and kings and queens and devils. They are just like us, but unlike us in so many ways. We will tell you of them.
Directed by Jules Munns, So – The Improvised Book of Myths features mighty gods, bizarre creatures and flawed people. Who knows, perhaps you will see yourself in there, and learn why humans are as they are.