Jacqueline Black

Jacqueline is an improviser and general malcontent. She has studied with Second City in Chicago, Patti Styles, Rachel Mason, Susan Messing, Joe Bill, David Razowsky and Cariad Lloyd as well as teachers from Baby Wants Candy, The Showstoppers, Hoopla, UCB, Spontaneity Shop and The Maydays.

She has performed regularly with Wax Lyrical, Ripcord and TheatreSports, made guest appearances on City Impro’s Deathmatch as well as performing her own solo musical improv act, An Improvised Audience With…

When not improvising, she enjoys singing and unlocking the secrets of the human mind – under supervision until she completes her MSc (so you’re safe … for now).

You can see her in The Cabin or follow her on Twitter @drahmuh