Making a Show: Improvised Theatre

“One of the most varied and inspiring courses that I’ve had the pleasure of doing.”

Improvised Theatre is a course in how to make a show from nowhere. Starting from effortless, relaxed scenework, this course gives you the skills you need to build a world, torture and redeem your characters. You will use story structures in a way that feels useful not stifling, creating perfect opportunities for realistic, emotional scenes.

Skills learnt during this course include:

– Working from suggestions to create a variety of scene starts
– Smooth, easy transitions between scenes
– Longform editing and group techniques to support and add to scenes
– Working as a team to support the scene that is taking place onstage
– Returning to characters and situations in a useful, inspiring way
– Noticing and exploiting theme to easily make a show cohere
– Further understanding of stagecraft and how genre and theatrical style can help your shows

“Jules is a great teacher. Do this if you want to play honestly and truthfully.”

The Nursery style of improv is founded on an emotional, theatrical style of play. You don’t have to be an actor to play like this, though it might make you into one! We believe that everyone can be an artist and it will add to your life whether you are a programmer, a nurse, a homemaker, a student or none of the above! You don’t have to have any experience of comedy, theatre or any art-form to begin. The Nursery improv courses will help with your creativity, confidence and performance skills. You will meet new people and have a tonne of fun!
At the Nursery, we are heavily influenced by the emotional truth of iO (Chicago, IL), the delight and theatricality of the Hideout (Austin, TX) and the freewheeling play of Will Luera’s freeform as performed in Boston and more recently in Florida.

This course is suitable for those who have taken an improv course or two before and are looking to deepen their understanding of improvised theatre and comedy. If you are unsure whether this is the course for you, or have any questions drop us an email on

The course costs £130 for six Saturday afternoons 1-4pm. We also offer diversity scholarships for those who are underrepresented in the improvisation community or who would be unable to afford the course.

(Photo Credits: Mark Dawson)

Six Saturdays from November 4th (£130)

Apply for the Jason Chin Diversity Scholarship

Jules Munns is one of the UK’s most active and prolific improvisation performers and teachers. Since graduating from the Guildhall School in 2008, he has performed with groups including Silly String Theory, Sitting in a Tin Can, the Maydays, Music Box and Impromptu Shakespeare. His two-person show Ten Thousand Million Love Stories has toured globally and Jules has performed in theatres and at festivals around the world including in Finland, Germany, Pakistan, Spain, Portugal, Canada and the US. Jules is co-artistic director of the Nursery and the founder of Slapdash International, London’s longest running festival of improvisation. He has trained with teachers including Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, Mick Napier, Joe Bill, Rich and Rebecca Sohn, Jason Chin, David Razowsky and TJ Jagodowsky.