Improvised Shakespeare and Sondhiem workshops in March

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We’ve really gone for the genre-prov in March. If you want your voice to soar in a modern musical or to pack your language with emotion an imagery, why not try one of these classes, run by Katy Schutte and Jules Munns of the Maydays.

Six-week improvised Shakespeare Course
7-10pm Tuesdays starting 18/3, £120

What is it?
Six weeks guiding you through the basis of improvising in the style of William Shakespeare, led by one of the UK’s most experienced improvised Shakespeare directors. Using iambic pentameter, rich imagery, situations and characters based on Shakespearian plays, improvising this way emphasises the day when something happens, making it dramatic and grand, while still remaining playful and irreverent. Tuesday evenings 7-10 starting the 4th March at the Nursery, Southwark.

What will I get out of it?
You will learn to expand your linguistic playfulness and emotional range. this course will push you into improvising characters who are experiencing great emotions in the face of life and death situations.
Even if you do not continue to perform improvised Shakespeare after the course finishes, you will find that these skills are transferable to your other improvisation. Your choices will be stronger and clearer, your language more rich and interesting, all without feeling heady and intellectual.

Who is it for?
This course is designed for those with some experience of improvisation, though a few drop in classes can be enough if you don’t mind being thrown in at the deep end! We will be attacking some challenging improvisation exercises, but with a sense of fun and play, and always within a safe, supportive environment.

One-day Improvised Sondheim Course

Saturday 15th March, 11-5, £55

Book here

Learn a different approach to improvising songs in this Sondheim style singing workshop. We loosen up structure and invite you to play with truthful and confessional songwriting. We draw on our own memories, opinions and character as the seed for scenes and songs. We focus on the sound and the support of the group. We look at ways into melodies, wordplay and subtext.

Who is it for?
You don’t need to be a good singer or have any background knowledge of Sondheim to take part. Some improvisation experience is recommended, though you do not necessarily need to have done any improvised singing.

Course tutors for both
Katy Schutte – of the Maydays, Project 2 and Katy and Rach. Co-devised and performed in ‘Who ya gonna call?’ and director of ‘The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike.’
Jules Munns – co-founder of the Nursery and Artistic Director of Slapdash International. Performs with the Maydays and Ten Thousand Million Love Stories, director of Impromptu Shakespeare.

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