Improv classes

The Nursery hosts improvisation classes every week. Whether you are totally new, or have been making it up for decades, we guarantee to make you laugh, teach you a thing or two, and maybe even make you think.

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Weekly Classes

Our weekend classes are flexible and well-priced. Teachers change each week and any class can be taken individually, meaning you can try them out with no commitment at all!

*recommended for those with some improvisation experience. Email us on if you are unsure this is the right class for you.


Courses: 6-12 Weeks

Our evening courses allow you to spend a longer time with a set group of people, working together to create a company and an understanding that make your scenes effortless and the results hilarious. Come learn about connecting scenes, building stories, and even improvising songs.


International Guests: Special Treats

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  1. Julie

    Hi there, I was wondering if I could come along to your drop in class on Tuesday? How much is it? Thanks a mill!

    1. Post

      Hi there. That’s what the drop in is for. Come drop in! We are also starting a new one on Wednesdays very soon.

      1. Ian McKechnie

        Hi – can you let me know when your next course starts please? Particularly interested in musical improv. Just finishing Hoopla improv for beginners course and looking for follow up thing to attend pref on Wed night (can’t do weekends)

        1. Post
  2. Westly Smith

    I have been looking to take improv classes for some time now. I also want to take some comedic classes as well. I’m glad that The Nursery has classes, I’m going to see if I can make it. I’m glad that they welcome newcomers, because I am definitely new at this.

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