Freya McCaie

Freya Mccaie

Freya Mccaie

Until moving to the US in 2011, Freya taught Shakespeare plays to young people and, if she was feeling wild, the odd sonnet. Then she moved to Boston and her new boss asked her to teach improv–a shiny sounding thing she’d never encountered before.

Comforted by the fact she knew nobody in the city, she began training at Improv Boston. Not only did her cultural ignorance lead her to re-write most of US history on stage, she also found a home away from home in the improv community.

She also performed Harolds and montage-based shows with Charice the Bear, as well as teaching both scripted and improvised drama in Boston’s state schools. Returning to London to work in mental health, she found herself popping along to the Saturday drop-ins at The Nursery.

She got clingy, kept coming back for more, and  now performs with The Nursery’s house team, The Verbs.

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