Held every June at the Nursery, Slapdash is London’s largest and longest running festival of improvised comedy and theatre. Since 2010, when we started as a festival for local groups, we have expanded to welcome groups and performers from countries including the Netherlands, Israel, the US, Germany, Austria and Canada. Originally at the Old Vic Tunnels, Slapdash was moved to the Nursery in 2012 when we took over our current space.

Slapdash has three aims:

  • To inspire British improvisers and give them the tools and training to aspire to the very highest levels of performance

  • To encourage collaboration between improvisers and styles that would not normally meet, let alone work together

  • To raise the public profile of improvisation in the UK

The structure of the Slapdash programme changes every year, but always includes workshops and shows. The workshops are taught by the international visitors and introduce British improvisers  to skills and formats not taught in the UK. Some of our shows allow the international guests to showcase their unique skills and styles, whilst others allow local and international performers to work together and see how these combinations push them into new areas of performance.

Although Slapdash is primarily run by Jules Munns and Ryan Millar, it is an inclusive festival for the whole of London’s improvisation community.

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