Workshop/Auditions: Physicality in improv

Exploit your body – What you can do with physicality on stage?

In this free workshop/soft audition, Julia will take you through her unique way of approaching improv, with a view to selecting a team to rehearse and perform. You’ll use your whole body to tell a story, using ensemble miming to create a world and an environment. You’ll take miming beyond object work, to create landscapes and characters and take them on adventures. You’ll set up a scene where an impossible thing needs to happen, then you’ll make it happen!

If you’re interested in taking this workshop, please email with a brief summary of your improv experience. We’re looking for people with at least a year of improv/storytelling experience, who can commit to rehearsals and performances if this group feels like a fit. You don’t need to be in spectacular physical shape, but please come prepared to use your body.

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