Wednesday 26th: DDG Presents… No Guts No Guano

Duck Duck Goose Improv – London’s longest-running, best-loved weekly jam – takes flight for one night from its Monday slot at the Effra Social, Brixton, and makes its nest at The Nursery to showcase Team DDG’s wide range of groups in all their different formats.

DDG house team, DuckDuckTales, takes you on a thrilling ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’-style journey where YOU, the audience, decide the players’ fate. You’ll also see hilarious darlings of the London improv scene The Parentheticals; adorable two-prov Gorilla Panic; killer comedy from blistering new female team 20% Less; sparkling wit from Glow In The Dark and a side-splitting set from duo Two’s a Crowd. Plus: you can join in a trademark DDG jam! Guano, you know you want to…

8pm, The Nursery Theatre, Liverpool Street, FREE

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