Thursday 24th August: Play Time! With T-Minus and Friends

Thursday 24th August: Play Time! With T-Minus and Friends

With seemingly everyone at the Fringe this month, who do we get to play with? Fret not, as tonight The Nursery becomes an orphanage for us Edinburgh exiles, thanks to T-Minus and some of our improv friends!

The Parentheticals take us on an epic quest, BIG NOW are so big right now, and Awkwardly Quiet bring us emotionally truthful big dumb fun. Then T-Minus will tell you a story, during which a timer that you set will go off, and an event of your choosing has to happen: it’s an improv time bomb!

Come and play with us! It’s time.

8pm, The Nursery Theatre Broadgate, Liverpool Street, Free!


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