Straight from Chicago: Susan Messing and Rachel Mason + End of Course Performance

Your only chance to see Rachel and Susan in London this year!

This evening, Susan’s and Rachel’s students will show off what they’ve learnt during the week, followed by a set by the wonderful power duo, aka The Boys.

The Boys are what’s left of Chicago Improv supergroup, Children of a Lesser God and The Playboys. Rachael and Susan are The Boys.

This show is improvised, unfettered dumb.
We make it worse.

Come and laugh with two of Chicago’s funniest women!

Only £5 on the door

Angie Lina
Maria Peters
Arielle Dundas
Kevin Cherry
Iain MacNaughton
Roderick Millar
Jules Munns
Nathan Keates
Kemsley Dickinson
Murray Porter
Jacob Migicovsky
Stuart Cooke
Joanna Ponder
Una Mellett
Marta Codello
Emily Murphy
John Agapiou
Luisa Weezer
Trilochon Chatterjee
Prabuddho Vimal
Ben Macpherson
Kit Murphy Harman
Hassaan Bin Shaheen
Jacob Sager Weinstein
Jiamin Lua