Stage To Page Workshop with Constantine Pavlou

Stage to Page

This workshop will teach you how to use your improv to create written content. How to generate premises, and flesh out ideas using improv and then refining those ideas through re-improvisation. This workshop would be for both novice and more experienced improvisers. All the great improvisers learned how to harness their improv skills and create written content which could be sold. If that sounds like something you want to pursue this workshop will introduce you to the basic elements of how its done.

£15 per person, 1pm – 5pm, Sunday 3rd January 2016 (max 16 people)

Constantine Pavlou

Is an  improviser and character comedian who has trained and performed in London (Glitch the improvised puppet show, Mike & Constantine), Chicago (iO), and Toronto (Second City, Bad Dog Comedy). Constantine an up-and-coming improviser in Toronto and believes improv is about letting your own light shine in order for others to do the same. Bringing your best self to the stage in whatever form that might be. Constantine is also a podcaster (I Missed That Completely, Soundcloud) and working commercial actor.

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