Saturday 10th June: [Emotion] Play plus Phil Lunn Is… and Troupeless

Look at the city and let the years fall away. Watch as skyscrapers retract back into the ground; as grass bristles along the pavements and the air grows still and clear. Brick becomes stone becomes wood becomes clay. You live here. This patch of earth. This world in potentia. And all of history churns beneath your feet. In [Emotion] Play a series of entirely improvised and entirely interconnected stories that play out on a canvas that spans 200 millennia and 12 foot square. Dozens of lives, loves, comedies and tragedies unfolding throughout time with a single thing in common. They all happened here.

An evening with a lady who isn’t to be forgotten. Phil Lunn Is… a cabaret singer, created for this one performance. Entirely improvised songs and entirely improvised conversation, all inspired by the audience.

They were troupeless, so they formed Troupeless, so now they’re not troupeless because they’re Troupeless! A short-form group with no shortage of shenanigans.

8pm, The Nursery Theatre, Liverpool Street, £8

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