The Fauna of Penny Forest – Audition

DISASTER. Some kind of catastrophe has befallen the Fauna of Penny Forest. Will they rise up and overcome it, flee to pastures new, or die horribly? (You never know.) Come along and uncover/decide their fate in this colourful (mostly green) tale of triumph and trepidation, with an eclectic cast of slimy, scaly, feathered and furry friends, all chosen by you the audience! Some of them may be at home in the British countryside, others not so much. Either way, they’ll attend your wishes, spin you a yarn, and hopefully not make it quite as bleak as the one about the rabbits…

It’s time to go impro the woods! We’re looking for improvisers with a strong affinity for nature to create truthful and nuanced work in the style of a certain beloved kids’ book series and TV show…



Rehearsals (all 7-10pm)

You will need to attend all or very nearly all of these rehearsals in order to be in the show.
27th March
28th March
3rd April
4th April
10th April
11th April
17th April
18th April
24th April
25th April – DRESS

Performances at The Nursery Theatre Broadgate
28th April, then May 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th


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