Friday 7th July: Beings plus Open Roads and Classic Andy

Susan Harrison (Showstoppers, Monkey Toast) and Andrew Gentilli (Music Box, The Inflatables) are BEINGS. Sometimes human, often not. In this enchanting show, audience suggestions inspire three improvised tales dealing with the delights and woes of various… lifeforms. Enshrouded in an unusual soundscape by Dylan Buckle.

“Some of the best character improvisers in the country. It’s a joy to watch.” Steve Roe, Hoopla

You know that thing someone you know does? Something that is classic them? Maybe they can’t stop clicking pens, they laugh at inopportune moments, or they just always see the positive in any situation. Tell Classic Andy about it and they will dedicate a show to that person, using their unique characteristics to inspire a series of free-flowing improvised scenes.

“Their intelligence and trust was on another level.” – Broadway Baby

Inspired by movies like Everything Is Illuminated and Y Tu Mamá También, Open Roads is an improvised road trip movie driven by your song suggestions based on the game Ribbon Drive by Avery McDaldno. Four people on a road trip. It doesn’t matter where they’re going to but only they’re here together now. All their hopes and struggles will be strewn along the highway. Give us your music, let’s make a mixtape and head for open roads.

8pm, The Nursery Theatre, Liverpool Street, £8 plus booking fee

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