Friday 30th June: Schutte The Unromantic

Schutte The Unromantic is Katy’s new storytelling stand-up comedy show coming to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer. A comic solo show written and performed by Katy Schutte (Happily Never After/Knightmare Live/Who Ya Gonna Call?). This is the story of her trying to find love despite freezing up at chocolates, serenades and thoughtful surprises. For the record, Katy is perfectly happy to put Baby in a corner.

Praise for Katy’s previous work: “Hilarious” – Colin Mochrie, “Bloomin’ Marvellous” – David Schneider, “Brilliant!” – Matthew Holness.

★★★★★ – Three Weeks (for Who Ya Gonna Call?)

★★★★★ – Broadway Baby (for Happily Never After)

★★★★★ – Edinburgh Reviews (for Knightmare Live)

6pm, The Nursery Theatre, Liverpool Street, FREE

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