Fourth Friday Funtime- Research and Development Jam

Fourth Friday Funtime: a Research and Development Jam

Do you have too many ideas to count?
Is there a format you’ve always wanted to try but never had the chance?
Want to spend an evening rehearsing and performing with some great players?
Come to the Nursery’s Fourth Friday Funtime: an R and D jam!

Build a team for one night only and explore new ideas like an improv scientist. Pitch your form, get some feedback, and play through them with a team of players. Or have fun playing through someone else’s crazy idea!

How it works:

If you have an idea we’ll put your name in a hat. Each ideas person will get a minute to pitch their show, followed by four minutes of feedback and Q&A. After the pitch party, we’ll draw three names from the ideas hat, and those three people will each get a team of improvisers to rehearse and perform their idea that very evening.

If you prefer to show up, hear some fun improv ideas, and rehearse and play a fun new improv concept, you’re very welcome to come along and jam! Playing is a great way to meet new potential teammates, explore new ideas, and get a bit more stage time in. It’s also fun!
The R&D jam happens at 7 pm on the fourth Friday of every month, starting April 28, at the Nursery Training Centre, Capital House, 42 Weston Street, SE1 3QD.

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