Fearless Narrative Improv with Tim Sniffen

Fearless Narrative Improv with Tim Sniffen

Making the jump from scenes lasting seven minutes on average to sustaining a storyline over a forty-five minute show can threaten to melt the brain. While some new rules and approaches certainly apply, longform narrative improv is still very much about staying in the moment and following the fun. In this elective we’ll examine: what makes a good beginning, middle and end; staying on top of plot without getting strangled by it; fleshing out worlds and characters; even how to save a narrative show that’s starting to implode [which of course none of us will ever need]. Make the leap towards approaching narrative improv with the same joyous abandon as any ten-second freeze tag blackout.

Tim Sniffen has been a company member of musical improv troupe Baby Wants Candy since 2001 and of The Improvised Shakespeare Company since 2010. He’s written and performed with The Second City theater in Chicago and the Boom Chicago Theaterin Amsterdam, along with many other smaller groups and shows [including a Star Wars parody show, The Farce Awakens, running at the PIT theater in Manhattan right now!]. Recently Tim has worked with Project2, Rhymes Against Humanity and The Maydays. He lives in Exeter, England–because his husband was offered a job there and Tim was in a good mood.


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