Elective: Face Your Fears

face-your-fearsAs improvisers, we all have different strengths. Some of us produce as many great characters as Gary Oldman, some are as fast as Robin Williams, some play emotion like Lawrence Olivier. These differences are what make us special and unique, the reason why people come back to watch us play time after time. But they can also be a trap.
We are all great at hiding the things we hate and favouring the things we are good at, but what happens when we bring our faults into the light, examine them and try to do something about them?
Join Nursery artistic director Jules Munns for a day of discovering your strengths and weaknesses, confronting your fears and realising that all those things you thought you couldn’t do aren’t so scary after all. In fact, they’re rather fun and liberating.

“Jules was very good at balancing giving feedback and letting things go. He seemed to know when he could push people a bit and wasn’t shy about doing it. The feedback during and after scenes was great, helped me to really learn.” Andrew, actor.

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Teacher: Jules Munns

Jules is one of the UK’s most active and prolific improvisation performers and teachers. Since graduating from the Guildhall School in 2008, he has performed with groups including Silly String Theory, Sitting in a Tin Can, the Maydays, Music Box and Impromptu Shakespeare. His two-person show Ten Thousand Million Love Stories has toured the UK and Jules has performed in theatres and at festivals around the world including in Finland, Germany, Pakistan, Spain, Portugal, Canada and the US. Jules is co-artistic director of the Nursery and the founder of Slapdash International, London’s longest running festival of improvisation. He is Co-Artistic Director of the Nursery and has trained with teachers including Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, Mick Napier, Joe Bill, Rich and Rebecca Sohn, Jason Chin, David Razowsky and TJ Jagodowsky.

The class is recommended for improvisers who have at least a year’s experience. Please note there are no refunds after purchase.

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