Dreamweaver Audition

Dreamweaver Quartet

Director James Witt (Music Box, Hoopla Impro, Newsical) is looking to create a brand new form of improvised theatre… Dream-Prov. Using an audience member’s “weirdest dream” as a jumping off point The Dreamweavers will organically weave somnambulant vignettes, soundscapes, dances, recitative and song whilst accompanied by a live on stage orchestra.

Performers Needed

I’m looking for experienced improvisers who can sing to a Very Good or Excellent standard,  who have a good instinct for physical theatre and stagecraft. Improvisers who have a great sense of playfulness and enjoy exploring surreal or non-human characters.

Ideally a candidate would have some experience in musical theatre but more importantly, their singing voices should have a good tonality and a good ear for harmonisation. I’m also looking for improvisers who can play instruments.

The nature of the show will be very transcendental and based on primal urges and impulses.  We will explore other plains of reality in otherworldly, dreamlike and mystical states in an attempt to blur between the edges of reality and dreams for the audience. As such an open mind and willingness to surrender control is essential.


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