Deconstruction – Audition

Applications for this audition have closed.

We start with a longer relationship-based scene and spend the rest of the show pulling it apart, returning to it and pulling it apart again. We will examine its themes, explore its world and follow the shiny thing. All within the framework of a single scene.

We love the Deconstruction for its variety of approaches; slow-burn relationship-based scenes sat right next to slices of premise-pull delight. Join the team and directors Jules Munns and Juwel Haque, if you want to flex different improv muscles at once and create a show that’s free, fluid and fully formed.

The structure of Deconstruction 

The show begins with the source scene: a long scene that establishes two characters and their relationship. This is followed by a couple of scenes using the source scene as inspiration. The show then alternates between returning to the relationship, and sets of scenes pulling premise from this, ending with a source scene.

We won’t adhere strictly to any previous incarnation of the Deconstruction format, instead being open to discover our own take on it. We’ll stay true to what we love about the form while feeling free to break the structure in pursuit of the fun.


Rehearsals will be on Friday afternoons after the audition, gearing up for shows at the Nursery Theatre on the 9th and 16th of December.

Applications for auditions have closed. If we’ve got in touch to offer you an audition, we look forward to seeing you!

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