Creating meaningful moments on stage

Creating meaningful moments on stage

Great theatre is made up of great moments. We don’t have the luxury of re-writes and planning in improv, but that doesn’t mean we can’t treat each moment on stage with importance and weight. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at how to:

  • slow down and read your scene partners
  • be comfortable with being silent on stage
  • recognize the power of seeing characters change on stage
  • fulfill the promises your scene choices make to the audience
  • better commit to, and “stick”, your choices on stage

This class is intended for actors and improvisers who have a basic understanding of improv, but want to add depth to their scenework, or just want to be more comfortable doing scenes.

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13th-14th, 15th May

Parallelogramophonograph (since 2005) is an Austin, Texas-based theatre company that loves to make up dynamic improvised plays and theatre in the moment.

Since their premiere in November of 2005, Parallelogramophonograph has been more than just an improv troupe. Fiercely dedicated to the craft and art of improvised theatre, PGraph has held a weekly show non-stop for over 10 years.  PGraph knew they wanted to do something different onstage. Intrigued by the challenge of telling fantastic fully-improvised stories together as an ensemble, PGraph spent years developing original formats and studying the arts of theatre, improv, and storytelling. They’ve toured the world performing and teaching their unique brand of improv with ensemble appearances in over 45 cities in the US, Canada, Spain, Australia, France, and the UK.
Renowned for their theatricality, playfulness, and hive-mind like ensemble, their goal with every show is to push both themselves and the art of improvisation to new and dizzying heights while taking the audience along for a joyous ride.

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