A Masterclass with David Razowsky

2 Days, 12 hours of instruction

Weekend 11-12th October, 11am-5pm, £140

David Razowsky, Second City Hollywood’s former Artistic Director, has a very simple approach to strong impro scenes: Your presence is the only thing you need to create compelling, smart, truthful, and surprising scenes. Period. No games, no preconceived premises, no ideas, no ego. Just now matters. It’s what has inspired many to call him an “impro guru.” Your level of experience doesn’t matter. All you need to bring to Razowsky’s workshops is your present presence. All you’ll leave with is your joy.


What Dave says and does:

A recent video connected to an interview he did: http://youtu.be/QJ5CMXdQ4_E

A show: http://youtu.be/qQU3uhquXdM


What others say about Dave:

An article about one of his workshops in Chicago: http://tinyurl.com/mnhucaq


“David taught me to overcome my fear of failure which opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities.” – Kari Finn


“I love your very loving, nonjudgmental, and uber encouraging teaching style. Your workshops gave me the nudge I needed to move forward.” – Lisa Akroush


“‎Lose that which no longer serves you,’ and ‘Be the Santa of Now Town.’ I remember leaving your class thinking, ‘I want to worship at the church of Dave Razowsky’!!! Spending anytime with Razowsky, be it in a class, workshop or drop-in, will have a profound impact on the way you see & understand improv. You will definitely have those ‘Ah Hah’ moments…” – Michael Morales


“Dave’s teaching has given me a sense of fearlessness, not only in improvising, but one that reaches, remarkably, into my life’s biggest picture. Invaluable.” – Nikki Turner


“David…empowers you to relish the life you create onstage. I will employ the work from the workshop in not just improv, but in dramatic acting, writing, and even music. The classes not only speak to you as a performer, but as a person. The philosophy of David’s method of improvisation can really help you adjust yourself as an individual, not just a performer.” – Robert Slack


“David’s teaching is truly transformative. His approach is thoughtful, while his technique compels you to find the truth in every moment, and express it without fear of failure.” – Anonymous


“I didn’t think David would change how I see the world, but he did. I am now more aware of the present and how I feel.” – Anonymous