A Very Serious Play/Neasden Rotary Club/Tea & Toast at No.9

A Very Serious Play –  Lee Simpson and Ruth Bratt are very serious about play.  They present for you A Very Serious Play. Beyond that, no-one knows. Except that it’s improvised.  And they like improvising with each other. And seriously playing.


Neasden Rotary is a long-form comedy improv group who perform a fast-paced show laced with patient group scenes. Our players are experienced improvisers assembled from other London teams (Abbey Kos, Alice Sanders, John Agapiou, Rebecca Schuster, and Steve Dawson).
They perform The Pretty Flower, improvising a show around a grounded scene that forms the hub of the piece. As soon as the inspiration arises, they pick up the pace, and spin out of the hub scene into a series of playful satellite scenes that “follow the funny”. Then, when those orbits are completed, they circle back to the hub scene to see what’s changed.

Tea & Toast are a Brighton-based improvised comedy theatre group formed in early 2016, featuring Ric Stewart, Jo O’Gorman, Elena Kerrigan, Simon Goodway, Jessie Fuller, Georgina Roe, and Arthur Cotterell. The improv they love is grounded in truth and relationships, with a dash of the surreal. 

“Tea & Toast at No.9” is a fully improvised show, where a cast of intriguing characters live out a surprising, dark and humorous scenario, confined to one fictional location (suggested by the audience).

“This lot are a right laugh, they are quirky, playful and full of surprises. Their shows are a joy to watch”. 
John Cremer, The Maydays

“I love Tea & Toast! They create emotionally engaging scenes that are funny as well as touching, with an awesome thought provoking show format”.
Steve Roe, Hoopla

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