Classic Andy’s Improv Comedy Party

Classic Andy proudly present their Improv Comedy Party. Join them as they celebrate a different theme each month, with an evening of improvised comedy featuring special guests chosen from the finest improv groups around.

Expect costumes, party games and spontaneous silliness, as Classic Andy prove that there’s always something worth celebrating.

Classic Andy are a group of improvisers who came together through their shared love of being ridiculous humans, to create a playful comedy show that’s discovered in the moment.

“Their intelligence and trust was on another level.” – Broadway Baby

★★★★ “A whole evening of fun” – London Pub Theatres Magazine

22nd September: Birthday Special
It’s our birthday!!! It’s been two years Classic Andy did our first show and just like any other two year old, we will be celebrating in style. Helping us celebrate are Electric Priests and The Trio Quintet, and there will of course also be hats, games and cake!

Electric Priests are an energetic long form team with big characters and big hearts. Sometimes bizarre, often cheeky and always fun.

The Trio Quintet is one Arfie Mansfield. He creates unique character comedy in this solo improvisation piece with lots of audience interaction.


8pm, The Nursery Theatre Broadgate, Liverpool Street, £8

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