The Nursery Theatre Grand Opening and fancy pants jam (FREE)

Sure, we have had shows at the Nursery. Sure, we performed in front of well over two thousand people live and online during our first season, and sure we warmed those seats, cranked up the PA, sold a load of beer, had a good laugh and a cry.

But you can’t really say you’re open until you have had a Grand Opening, can you?

The seats have been named, the spirits ordered, and a bunch more summer improvements. And on the 15th September, the Nursery invites you to help us officially and without any doubt or question open the theatre.

There will be a champagne reception, frocks and suits, improv (of course)* and speeches, during which at least one member of senior management will cry. This we guarantee.

All for free (donation at the end)! It’s the only way to start the autumn.

RSVP by email to by 5pm on Monday 11th September. Places limited.

*Audience members dressed fancy will be eligible for the ballot to play in the Fancy Pants jam, directed by Heather Urquhart, Chris Mead and Jules Munns.

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