The Owls Are Not What They Seem/Will Luera and Friends/The Dreamweaver Quartet

A night of dreams, uncanny stories and visitors from strange lands…

The Dreamweaver Quartet invite you to close your eyes and open up your third eye. The room is dark, the incense is burning, the potion we gave you is taking you into a deep state of relaxation. Now tell us of your strangest dreams and we shall make them manifest through music, dance and storytelling”.


Will Luera and Friends – Will Luera is a big deal. While at Improv Boston, out of a desire to empower the improviser, he created the freeform style mostly commonly associated with Big Bang. He came to London in 2016 and we are delighted to have him back, playing for two nights with a crack team of London improvisers.

The Owls Are Not What They Seem will revisit the strangest little town in Washington State, along with new inhabitants you didn’t know to be afraid of. Loosely inspired by the groundbreaking works of David Lynch, each unscripted episode will chart a brand new hidden mystery in a sleepy town torn apart by the forces of good and evil.

8pm, The Nursery Theatre Broadgate, Liverpool Street, £8

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This event is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Twin Peaks Productions, Inc., David Lynch, CBS or Showtime Networks Inc. or the TWIN PEAKS franchise.

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