The Nursery Podcast #14 – Chicago special: Jorin Garguilo

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Jorin is an improviser and teacher at iO and CIC. He performs with Friday night mainstage Harold team Revolver, as well as having played with Felt, the Scene and many other shows. He has been improvising since 1991. In this episode, Jorin talks to Jules and special guest Heather Urquhart about mastery, his strange name, and why what we do …

The Nursery Podcast #12 – Chicago special: Tim Soszko

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Tim is a member of the legendary musical group the Deltones, as well as teaching at iO and at Second City. He has recently started touring a solo improv show and is one half of the Tim and Mica Project. In this podcast he talks to Jules about looking grumpy, improvising alone and why he hates most people.

The Nursery Podcast #11 – Chicago special: Bill Arnett

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Bill is the former head of faculty at iO in Chicago and a member of Harold super-team 3033. He now runs the Chicago Improv Studio (which has an excellent blog). In this episode, he talks to Jules about Chemistry, the demise of legendary team 3033 and why sometimes for the good of the show, you have to tell people to …

This is not a blog

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This is not a blog. This is extracts from a collection of emails in response to an article. I (Jules) am publishing them with the permission of the people who wrote them not because I think I or they have a solution to the problem being discussed, but because I am interested in the question, the conversation and the change …

Improv and the Curious Worm

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It’s been a hell of a year for improv in London. I mean, an amazing year. Being stuck right in the middle of it, sometimes you can’t see the wood for the tress, but quite apart from anything else, London now has three regular improv venues going each week! Let’s stop for a moment and think about just how far …

The Nursery Podcast #10 – Nick Armstrong

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Nick is the co-founder of Camp Improv Utopia and the National improv Network. He performs with King Ten at iO West and lives in LA. In this podcast, Jules Munns talks to him about families, teams that stay together, marketing and the show that made him take up improv.

The Nursery Podcast #9 – David Razowsky

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David is the former Dean of Second City Training Centre and has worked with luminaries including Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey. He now lives and teaches in LA. On his second trip to London to teach improv, he talks to Jules about politics, femininity and why humans are inspiring things.