Upcoming Auditions at The Nursery

Get yourself onstage at the Nursery! All Nursery-produced shows (including Nursery Originals) have open auditions. And this is where we list them.

See if you’d like to be in any of the shows listed here, check back soon for auditions for future Nursery shows, and follow us on Twitter for regular updates!

 The Nursery Theatre Garden Club

Working with the City of London: Woman Work And Power project, The Nursery are looking for experienced female and female identifying improvisers to audition for The Nursery Theatre Garden Club, a show that celebrates the stories of the women that made Britain bright. Audience stories about their grandmothers will plant the seeds to dig up memorable scenes from their character’s life in an entire evening of improvised theatre exploring the important role of women in society over the past 100 years. So, slip on your gardening gloves and join us to explore new histories created in front of your eyes.

We are looking for female and female-identifying improvisers and actors with at least 2 years improv experience to join this one-off project.

Apply by midnight on Wednesday 28 March for an audition on Tuesday the 3rd of April!

Click here for more information and to apply

 The Fauna of Penny Forest: a Nursery Original

Some kind of catastrophe has befallen the Fauna of Penny Forest. Will they rise up and overcome it, flee to pastures new, or die horribly? (You never know.) Come along and uncover/decide their fate in this colourful (mostly green) tale of triumph and trepidation, with an eclectic cast of slimy, scaly, feathered and furry friends, all chosen by the audience!

It’s time to go impro the woods! We’re looking for improvisers with a strong affinity for nature to create truthful and nuanced work in the style of a certain beloved kids’ book series and TV show…

Apply by midnight on 14th March, for an audition on Friday the 16th of March!

Magicked!: a Nursery Original

Everyone loves Harry Potter, and in tribute to the world’s favourite pubescent wizard, this summer, one of this summer’s Nursery Originals will be an improvised tribute to Harry Potter.

The Nursery is putting out a casting call for improvisers to join a hand-picked team of Nursery regulars including Chris Mead of Project2 and the Maydays, Jennifer Jordan of Classic Andy, Julia Eckhoff and Juwel Haque of Somewhat Theatre, all directed by Nursery founder Jules Munns of Impromptu Shakespeare and Ten Thousand Million Love Stories.

Apply by midnight on Saturday 31st March, for an audition on Sunday the 8th of April!