Upcoming Auditions at The Nursery

Get yourself onstage at the Nursery! All Nursery-produced shows (including Nursery Originals) have open auditions. And this is where we list them.

See if you’d like to be in any of the shows listed here, check back soon for auditions for future Nursery shows, and follow us on Twitter for regular updates!

Heads Might Roll: a Nursery Original

Heads Might Roll is an improvised socio-political satire, getting to the bottom of everything that’s wrong with the world today through an independent inquiry. We’re looking for improvisers and actors with an interest in:

– Satire
– Exploring cultural and societal issues and themes
– Improvisation as theatre
– Using drama to intensify comedy
– Experimenting with form
– Character-focused pieces

Apply by 8pm on Friday 5th January, for an audition on Saturday 6th January!

Castles in the Air – improv inspired by Studio Ghibli: a Nursery Original

Let’s tumble into the world of Studio Ghibli together!  We will be improvising stories in the spirit of the films of Hayao Miyazaki, about flawed characters responding emotionally to rich, and sometimes magical, environments. Improvisers will need experience of long-form improvisation and to be a team player. You will also need some (but not necessarily all!) of the following skills:

– Playfulness
– Emotional honesty
– Energy and commitment to characters and scene work
– Flexibility
– Attention to detail
– Giving / building on bold offers

Apply by 5pm on Sunday 14th January, for an audition on Monday 15th or Thursday 18th January!

Click here for more information and to apply